Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Series "...for the Genealogist Who Doesn't Know Where to Go Next"

Over the years I find I share certain hints, tips, and info with clients over and over again. Rather than writing the same information repeatedly, I've decided to publish this information on my blog as a series titled "...for the Genealogist Who Doesn't Know Where to Go Next."

Who is "the Genealogist Who Doesn't Know Where to Go Next?"

I could have called this series "for the genealogist who doesn't know what to do next" but it just didn't sound as nice. If you're asking yourself "now what do I do?" you are the genealogists who doesn't know where to go next. This series is aimed at genealogists who have done some research already. It isn't advanced information, though.

Take a look at the list of topics at the end of this post. You should be familiar with all of them. This isn't a list of sources to check. A "to-do list" depends too much on your specific problem. Instead, this is a list of topics that seem to fall between the gaps for many genealogists who begin by researching online. If you have taken a beginning genealogy class or started by reading a beginning genealogy book, you are probably familiar with these topics. You may need to learn more about them. Whether you are familiar with them or not, if you haven't tried all of them, you should.


This list is not comprehensive. There also isn't any easy to define reasoning behind why some topics are included and others aren't. Essentially these are topics I end up writing about to clients. Topics where I can easily provide one or two links aren't included. Some topics are mostly a collection of links and some contain more textual information.I will come back and add links as new posts go live.

Research Logs
Offline Education (mini-series: Local Societies, National Conferences, Institutes)
Genealogical Forms (coming later)