Saturday, March 1, 2014

"Finding the Neighborhood" lecture guide

Today I'm giving four lectures to the Georgia Genealogical Society about geographic resources for genealogists. That was the seminar topic requested and I interpreted that to mean mapping, neighborhoods, platting, and a hodge podge of other sources (like atlases and gazeteers). The title I've given my four lecture series is "The Neighborhood: Find It, Map It" and the first lecture is "Finding the Neighborhood." Below are the links from the handout and links to the mapping examples.
Map Links
Library of Congress: American Memory Map Collections
Atlas of Historical County Boundaries
David Rumsey Map Collection
Georgia Specific
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (free sources vary by location), for Georgia, Digital Library of Georgia
Georgia Land Lottery Maps, Georgia Archives Virtual Vault, “District Plats of Survey”
Georgia Headright Maps, Georgia Archives Virtual Vault, “Headright and Bounty Plats,”
General Georgia County Maps,
Mapping Examples
The second lecture is the demo showing how to create the maps. The examples in these posts are just images and descriptions to give you general ideas of what is possible.
Census Enumerator's Path
Township and Range with Census
Modern Locations from Historic Sanborn Map
There are also three Google Earth examples posted on my personal blog in 2009 which may give you some inspiration for what is possible.
Civil War Map (Resaca, Georgia)
Georgia Land Lots, GNIS coordinates, and Civil War Map
1911 Calhoun, Georgia - Sanborn Maps