Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DAR Civil Service: Part 5 of Video Series

Part 5 of "Joining the DAR for Genealogists" is now available. It covers the service type "Civil Service." You can watch it below or on my YouTube Channel. Here are the links related to the video.
Free DAR Publications (including "Is That Service Right?")
DAR Online Store: Books, Brochures, and Leaflets

  • At some point since this entry was originally posted (August 2013) the free publications were moved to the members' only section (they were in the members' section but did not require a log-in initially). 
  • In June 2014 the three publications were updated but also combined (along with instructions for registrars) into one publication called "Genealogy Guidelines." As you would expect, the instructions for registrars is really only useful to registrars. It may potentially just add confusion for genealogists or prospective members. Because of this I am not adding a link to it. If you need the most up to date versions of the three booklets, you can google {"Genealogy Guidelines"} to see if it is still available online as a pdf.

Here are links to pdfs of the three booklets. These are now out of date but will still be useful to genealogists who are using applications approved prior to spring 2014 and want to see what the written guidelines were. They also contain useful bibliographies and much of the general information will still be relevant. If you are using approved DAR applications for genealogical purposes and are trying to determine the "rules" used, no publication will be perfect for this. Rules changed over time and more frequently than guidelines were published (and most of these are guidelines, not rules). The most important tool you can use with a DAR application is common sense.
Application Papers: Instructions for Their Preparation
Is That Lineage Right?
Is That Service Right?

Friday, August 16, 2013

National Archives (US) Virtual Genealogy Fair

As some of you may remember, the annual Genealogy Fair hosted by the National Archives (NARA) was cancelled this year due to sequestration. NARA has now announced a virtual fair on September 3rd & 4th. The official webpage says "recorded sessions will be available online after the event" but it isn't clear if this will include every session. Regardless, this opens the fair up to everyone, not just those able to visit D.C. Check out their webpage for more information,