Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NARA and Sequestration I

Living in the metro DC area we hear about Sequestration constantly. Not surprisingly this is affecting the National Archives. I have several items to blog about so I am splitting them into separate posts to try and keep them brief and allow more targeted information. This first post relates to a topic I haven't seen posted yet, the annual NARA Genealogy Fair...
it's cancelled.
Not exactly a surprise but given the furloughs don't go into affect until after the Fair was scheduled I was hoping this wouldn't happen. The Fair is always a large event and provides some great free genealogy education which draws in both tourists (right in the middle of spring break!) and local workers who can't miss the giant tent on Pennsylvania Avenue.
As a personal item, I was scheduled to speak at the Fair on Thursday, April 18th. If you are a client or potential client that received scheduling information for April or May, my schedule has changed. I won't be sending email updates until April to try and provide more exact information tailored to individual projects but if you need to gather material before your project starts or is continued, plan to gather it earlier.